Air Conditioning Tune Up

AC Tune Up on Your Home Cooling System

Living in California, especially in beautiful cites such as Camarillo, Ventura, and Santa Barbara certainly has its perks. Even if you live near the ocean, the weather can get quite warm at any time during the summer. For most residents, it’s very important to ensure your air conditioner is always working properly, so it doesn’t break down when you need it most. Part of making sure your AC system is working is a regular air conditioner tune-up. At Pacific Aire, we are happy to offer maintenance services for your cooling system.

20 Point AC tune up:

1. Thermostat calibrating and leveling
2. Cleaning or replacing 1” filters as needed
3. Monitor motor performance
4. Capacitor testing
5. Full inspection of Heat Exchanger
6. Safety devices inspection- Operations test
7. Electrical wiring inspection- Checking for exposed wires
8. Temperature split measurement- Supply/Return
9. Blower compartment vacuuming
10. Duct work inspection- Energy loss
11. Check refrigerant charge
12. Check high voltage disconnect
13. Inspect electrical relays
14. Monitor compressor performance
15. Inspect fan blades
16. Check and clear drain lines
17. Full evaporator coil inspection
18. Inspect refrigerant lines
19. Inspect service ports/valves
20. Clean condenser exterior

If you think your AC has more than a need for a tune up and could possibly need an HVAC repair service, be sure to let us know when you call to book your appointment. We are happy to explain the differences between each type of service. There are many components in an air conditioner and it’s important to ensure they are all working together smoothly.


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